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Gary and Cheri Sweetland
Gary and Cheri Sweetland

Hello from Gary and Cheri, and yes, we always get the “hey your names rhyme” But a little more about us is that we love God, our families and cherish both.

Gary started digitizing, I mean punching in 1995. Yes, I said punching, for us that don’t know what that means, you are manually putting in each stitch. They’ve come a long way huh? At the time that was for Schiffli embroidery. That, by the way is beautiful. It is mostly for home fashions, children’s wear and the apparel industry.

In 1997 Gary was introduced to a computerized digitizing program called Saurer Em-Net. And this was the first digitizing and art computer program in the United States. Em-Net was already available but didn’t have the art program with the digitizing. The system Gary was introduced to had both which allowed him to draw the design from sketches and digitize on top of the art. Wow huh? The years moved on, as they do he was eventually introduced to the Wilcom system and that is what we use today. The latest version of Wilcom.

Now, a little about me. I have been married to Gary for 13 years. I have known him 20. When we first were married he had boxes and boxes of digitizing designs that he had done. Ladies, please help me out here! I asked him to throw them away “I do regret that now by the way” thinking back on it I realize I was making light of what was not just his life work but his passion. I personally was not into embroidery at all. That was 13 years ago though. I had my own career going and was doing well, but God intervened and three years ago I was introduced to embroidery. Watching it stitch, cleaning it afterward. It all became an amazing thing for me. God intervened yet again in the direction of our lives. And now we are opening our own business digitizing and creating the designs.

I hope you enjoyed hearing a little about us, if you’re interested in what we can do for you, check out our products

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