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Quality in our designs is our main goal. With our experience in the business we understand the need for a high quality and efficient design.

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We are available Monday through Friday 8.00am to 7.00 pm. We can be reached via phone  (864-360-4284) or through email ([email protected])

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Customer satisfaction is guaranteed. We will not be happy with your design until you are.

The Sweetlands

From the days of punching on a Pentagraph Mechanical Punch System, where each stitch is manually made on an enlarged drawing, to modern digitizing, we learned the value of making every stitch placement accurate to achieve the best-looking and most efficient embroidery possible.

My instructor was in the machine-made embroidery industry for four decades and had a wealth of knowledge to share. This experience is applied to the ever changing and challenging world of multi head decoration.

Our goal is to produce high quality, life like designs that will get your company noticed.

~Gary & Cheri Sweetland

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We work with popular high quality brands to bring you the trendiest clothing options for your needs.

alphabroder® | Prime Line®

In 2017, alphabroder® and Prime Line® merged to create the industry’s first true ‘One-Stop-Shop’ for promotional products – raising the bar on convenience, service and solutions.


Activewear and accessories that unite people and build up teams, groups and communities.


A family-owned company dedicated to sharing joy & cute kids clothes!